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Make it easy for anyone to read your message, engage with your brand, and buy your product.  Don't rely on a single channel.  Reach everyone via their preferred channel.

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Since we’ve started using GraphicMail as our main marketing tool, we’ve been able to send more emails with greater ease—all at a great price. The ease of the program enables us to focus more on our marketing message and stay more connected to our customers.

Rebecca K.
CMO, Team Sports Planet

We chose GraphicMail because of their world-presence, reliability, innovation and outstanding customer service. They also provide the same level of professional service to businesses and organizations of all sizes looking to maximize the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts.

Dave Fiore
Founder & Chief Content Officer, Fiore Communications

As a contract publishing and client media company, GraphicMail's tracking tools give us a good idea of which advertisers to target with follow-up proposals.

Michael Hurst
Marketing Manager, Middle East Health

We use GraphicMail to give our leisure customers important information like prices, flight conditions, and general news. This information has to be delivered on time, and it needs to be customized and comprehensible. We like the easy to update mailing lists and all the the report stats on deliveries, opens, and bounces. It's easy to open the application on your PC or smartphone, and it's online so there's no software needed.

Andreas Schuldt
Key Account Manager, Lufthansa Airlines

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