About Us

The GraphicMail Ingredients: 

one Dutchman, one African, one American, some adventure, some technology and a little bit of fate.


Email marketing as a new business enterprise wasn't yet a fully formed idea in any of our founders' minds when Paul and Nick first met, when mutual friends had organized a canoe trip down the Orange River at the start of the millennium.


Paul Honig

Paul Honig

Founder 1

Ernie Retief

Ernie Retief

Founder 2

Nicholas Eckert

Nicholas Eckert

Founder 3


As they made their way up the beaches from Cape Town to Namibia, Paul rescued Nick's tour group from being stranded by helping change their drive shafts and tires on more than one occasion.

When they weren't getting stuck in the sand, pulling mussels from the sea, falling out of canoes, tackling the rapids or camping under the African stars; they got talking about the Internet. At the time, Paul was working on a startup CMS and Nick was completing an exit of allhotels.com. After all the adventures they kept in touch and continued sharing ideas about what one day was to become GraphicMail.

Back in Cape Town, Paul met Ernie. Ernie was working for Dockside, an ISP Paul had started years before. By 2002 they morphed the CMS into a revolutionary new email marketing service - GraphicMail.


Where we are today

Nick is our CEO and runs things at our office in Geneva, with Paul as our Chairman, based in Cape Town. Our teams of marketers, designers, networkers, technical support, administrative and sales staff work hard to keep our service in tip-top shape at our offices in Cape Town and Miami. Our development teams are managed by our CTO, Ernie Retief and operates from both our Bellville, Cape Town office and in Islamabad.

GraphicMail is supported in more than 12 languages. We have dedicated support teams in 12 different countries. Just like our founders - who alone represent 3 continents - we are a global email marketing company; making our email, mobile and social marketing tools accessible everywhere!

Meet the entire team

Check out who's behind the global software - it's a passionate, innovation-driven team of networkers, developers, designers, marketers, support and sales reps, financial gurus and admin wizz kids. We are from all corners of the world - there truly is strength in diversity!