Advanced Features

Advanced Email Marketing Features at Your Fingertips

Need powerful email messaging tools? GraphicMail’s got them! Stay ahead of your competitors and at the top of your readers’ inboxes with these state-of-the-art email marketing utilities unique to GraphicMail.



Personalize Your Newsletters

Personalize your email with our advanced personalization utility. Personalization could include a recipient's name and surname, designation, membership number, or other unique information linked to your mailing lists. Personalization is easy to implement and increases your open rate and relevance to your customers.

CRM Integrations

Integrate with Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Synchronize data and intelligence between your CRM system and GraphicMail. This information could include contacts, leads, product details, invoices, sales data, financial information, etc. A great way to manage your company’s interactions with current and future customers.


Optimize your Email with our Advanced Inbox Preview Function

Look before you leap with Inbox Preview! Get visual, interactive previews of how your email will render on a vast multitude of email clients and devices before you send (EG: how your email will read on Gmail, via Firefox on an iPhone). Never worry about how your email will be received again! 


Send to Segments

Send to a Segmented Mailing List

You can send a newsletter to a certain segment of your mailing list only – e.g. all recipients who have opened your email previously, or to all the females in your contact list. This allows you to target and customize your email marketing efforts effectively improving deliverability.


Sync Outlook

Sync With Your Contacts in Outlook

Synchronize your Outlook contacts with GraphicMail, and vice versa. You are able to configure the frequency of syncs, and to which dataset and mailing list you’d like to synchronize.

Anti-Spam Tools

Advanced Spam Detection with Spam Test

When it comes to advanced email marketing features, none are as important as our built-in Spam Test which identifies which of your emails will be sent to the spam folder. If your emails have previously been checked as spam, you can avoid future emails being trapped by automatically adding them to a ‘do-not-send-to-again’ list.