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Email Marketing

Email marketing - the most effective form of digital marketing!

Many people will tell you that electronic mail marketing is outdated, old fashioned, or even dead!


However, statistics and revenue results would disagree with them!


Targeted email marketing has quadrupled in recent years and continues to grow strong. The best part is - it’s extremely effective and affordable, providing the most bang for your buck than any other form of top-down marketing.



Email Marketing made easy!

Why Email Marketing?

Forget ‘likes’, ‘tweets’ and ‘vines’ - email marketing talks about results!


To this day, the inbox is still the most effective way to reach your audience. Why? Because the inbox is the most direct line of communication for conversions to sales, which is why online marketers continue to use email to reach clients and generate income.

The inbox can be framed as a personal or professional space. Depending on the email’s content, it’s an ideal tool to appeal to potential customers, putting the power into the emarketer’s hands.


Boosting your email campaigns with reporting and analysis

Boosting Your Email Campaigns 

We’re dedicated to your success.

GraphicMail offers numerous featuresresources, and support from email marketing professionals around the world to ensure your email finds your customers and your customers find your company.


Responsive design that gets a response!

Experience the Freedom of Creation

Customize one of our hundreds of industry responsive email templates, create from scratch and upload your own, or leave the hard work to us and let us create a customized email template for you!

Our email editor is intuitive, responsive, and comes fully equipped with the latest email marketing tools for success.


Sold on the idea yet?

Find out how we can help boost your marketing, conversion rate, and brand awareness.


Add a personal touch by using personalization in your email marketing campaign. Include a recipient's name, company, or other unique data linked to your mailing list automatically.


Create automated welcome, confirmation, and RSVP messages. Ideal for relationship building and event management, autoresponders trigger sends on your schedule or automatically when a customer performs a specific action.

A/B split test your newsletters

Experiment! See which subject line gets more opens, or which email message and layout gets more clicks from your readers - then send the winning email to your entire mailing list!