Advanced Email Features and Personalisation - GraphicMail

Advanced Features

Advanced Email Marketing Features at Your Fingertips

Need powerful email messaging tools? GraphicMail’s got them! Stay ahead of your competitors and at the top of your readers’ inboxes with these state-of-the-art email marketing utilities unique to GraphicMail.


Include personal information from your mailing list in email newsletters

Personalize Your Newsletters

Personalize your email with our advanced personalization utility. Personalization could include a recipient's name and surname, designation, membership number, or other unique information linked to your mailing lists. Personalization is easy to implement and increases your open rate and relevance to your customers.

CRM Integrations

Integrate with Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Synchronize data and intelligence between your CRM system and GraphicMail. This information could include contacts, leads, product details, invoices, sales data, financial information, etc. A great way to manage your company’s interactions with current and future customers.

Preview email on different email clients

Optimize your Email with our Advanced Inbox Preview Function

Look before you leap with Inbox Preview! Get visual, interactive previews of how your email will render on a vast multitude of email clients and devices before you send (EG: how your email will read on Gmail, via Firefox on an iPhone). Never worry about how your email will be received again! 


Send to Segments

Email Marketing Tools and Segmentation

Corporate email marketing requires accurate, reliable tools that get the job done. GraphicMail offers just that - use our segmentation tools to target portions of your readers to gain maximum appeal and our advanced email reports to constantly raise your bottom line with each send.


Our email creator gives you the freedom to express your company's personality!

Design your Own Email - Market to the world

GraphicMail gives you the tools to design your own unique, responsive email with our one-of-a-kind drag and drop Email Creator!  Craft professional looking promotions, beautiful newsletters or corporate communications - within minutes.

Anti-Spam Tools

Email Delivery with No Equal

Want to know how to avoid the spam-box? Stick with us! For Corporations, punctuality and accuracy are everything. Thanks to our unmatched server sending fleet around the world, we'll make sure your corporate email sends hit the inbox on time every time!