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Email Delivery

Email Delivery Defined with Campaigns

Improve your email deliverability with our campaigns! Our cloud storage system allows you to send your mail when you like, how you like and wherever you like! Get your email delivered immediately from your desktop, tablet or iPhone, or schedule your campaign to send at a specific time. Check how your email distribution is doing with our reports and stats immediately. We ensure your emails are deliverable with deliverability guaranteed thanks to our feedback loop subscriptions with all major internet service providers. We also offer email hygiene services to boost email transmission and provide great email delivery tip guidelines to make sure you hit that Inbox! 


Create Autoresponders

Set up autoresponders for targeted deliverable email

Our research shows that autoresponders can improve your email delivery rate by over 75%! Create your own automated welcome, RSVP and confirmation emails or choose from our selection of automated mail. Autoresponders can be scheduled based on time or action and are ideal for relationship building, mailing optimization and saving you time!

AB Split Test Results

A/B Split Test your Newsletter Campaigns

Find the best option! Test which subject line gets more opens, or which email content and layout responds better to your readers for refined email delivery. Choose the winning email and send it to your entire mailing list for the best results!


Send to Social Media

Send to Facebook & others

Post your newsletter campaign to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks straight from your GraphicMail account using our social integration tool.

Spam Testing

Spam test your email

Nothing ruins sender reputation like spam! Before you hit send, run a quick spam test from within the GraphicMail application. We'll show you what content, image or word in the subject line could be spam trapped.

Send to Segments

Email Marketing Tools and Segmentation

Corporate email marketing requires accurate, reliable tools that get the job done. GraphicMail offers just that - use our segmentation tools to target portions of your readers to gain maximum appeal and our advanced email reports to constantly raise your bottom line with each send.