Track Results

Email Marketing Reports and Analytics

Email marketing would not be complete without post-send reports. Find out who opened, shared, and clicked on your newsletter. Get heatmap reports that show where readers click in your emails.  See how subscribers open your message—on mobile or desktop—and what browser they use.


Google Analytics

Real-time analytics

Get full analytical data on your newsletter sends, including open, clicks, shares, bounces, and subscribes! Free downloadable reports with actionable, drill-down information.

Heatmap Reports

Heatmap reports

See the areas where people clicked in email newsletters via heatmap overlay. Learn which part of your message connects best with your audience.  




Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics

Set up Google Analytics tracking on your email marketing account. Track clicks from your newsletter to your landing page and measure engagement.

Browser OS

Opens by browser & OS

Our email reports show you which browsers and operating systems are used to open your newsletters. Also track who used mobile deviles.

Social Share For Targeted Email Marketing

Social share report

See which subscribers shared your email newsletter socially and via which social media networks. Use this data to improve your email-social marketing integration.