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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing - a World of Opportunity and Convenience

We help you send the right message, to the right person, at the right time!


Getting more clients, closing deals and growing your business has a lot to do with relationship-building. We help you build your digital relationship via mobile marketing. 

91% of Americans own a mobile phone​ - 75% of which admit to taking to the bathroom! They also check email, text and social sites while standing in line or waiting for a friend, leaving you lots of time to reach your potential customers. Marketing to mobile phones means you reach your clients on the go, whenever and where ever. Thanks to our innovative responsive design ethos, email newsletters that you send through GraphicMail already look great on mobile screens - from smartphones to tablets. 

Message in pocket

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Send a quick text message to your clients about a promotion.
  • Send a text message notification.
  • Send a text message invitation.
  • Create mobile coupons.
  • And we have the tools for you to collect mobile numbers via Shortcodes - read up more about it below.
Grow business

Text Messaging Platform Capabilities

Did You Know: 95% of Your Contact List will Open an SMS?

Take your message straight from the inbox to your customer’s pocket! Text messages are short and quick to read - a perfect medium for mass marketing.

Simply upload your list of mobile telephone numbers (from Excel or a text file), type your message, hit send, and you’re on the golden road to getting the word out!

See money fly in, with our mobile marketing coupons!

Create and Send Mobile Coupons

Mobile phones are rarely out of reach from consumers - so why should your promotions be?

Mobile marketing coupons get your message out, encourage interaction and builds a business based on trust with your customers.

Set up a mobile coupon, send it, then track your text message open rates to see how many people you reached with your offer. It's that easy, it's that effective!

Collect numbers using Shortcode marketing

Shortcode Marketing

You get the hang of text messaging and coupons, but you are not sure how to get the mobile phone numbers of your clients?

A shortcode goes a long way!

Rent a keyword on our Shortcode number list, email it to your clients, print it in newspapers and flyers, or add it to your website and give your readers the opportunity to become your customers!


See how it works

Mobile text message

Text marketing

Connect with subscribers via personalized text messages. Send from our default mobile number or your own. It's the quickest and most direct way to engage with your consumers on the go.


Mobile Reports

Track Text Message Sends

See who opened your text message and how they engaged with it. Find out which devices your subscribers read your message on and how to improve your marketing!


Mobile Responsive Email

Mobile emails

Email newsletters created with GraphicMail look fantastic on mobile screens - via professional responsive email templates! No additional coding or formatting required.