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Mobile Coupons

Create your own content for mobile phones

Our newsletter templates look great on mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets. But we also have templates specifically designed for mobile phones that you can use to create coupons or mobile content pages. And how do your clients see your mobile content? Easy. You send them a text message with a link to your mobile coupon or informational pages. 


Mobile forms and Survey

Add a mobile form or survey

Collect data, start a survey, or take reservations—all from the content you can create with GraphicMail in the mobile site builder.

Supercharge your marketing efforts by using the data you've collected to push time-sensitive mobile campaigns to your clients.

Social Media

Add social media links, videos and maps

Add icons for Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels to get your mobile audience to engage with you on your social channels - directly from their mobile phones! Embed videos so your readers can watch them while on the go. Ensure your clients find you by adding a map with your location.

Responsive Display

Excellent display on over 5,000 different mobile phones

All images, text, and elements will be automatically recoded and resized for optimal performance—regardless of mobile device type, so you don't have to worry about anything!

Mobile Content

Create as much mobile content as you want

There is no limit on the number of mobile pages or coupons you can create with GraphicMail. You can create company profile content, or survey forms, or mobile promotions and event updates.  


Mobile text message

Text marketing

Connect with subscribers via personalized text messages. Send from our default mobile number or your own. It's the quickest and most direct way to engage with your consumers on the go.


Mobile Reports

Track Text Message Sends

See who opened your text message and how they engaged with it. Find out which devices your subscribers read your message on and how to improve your marketing!


Mobile Responsive Email

Mobile emails

Email newsletters created with GraphicMail look fantastic on mobile screens - via professional responsive email templates! No additional coding or formatting required.