Send Text Messages

Send Text Messages

GraphicMail makes it easy for you to send bulk text messages to mobile phones - via the Internet. Your recipients don't even need a smart phone to receive SMS/ text. Text messages are short, quick to send, and easy for clients to respond to. Our text message system is secure, dependable, and can deal with high sending demands.


Did you know

Did you know?  The open rate for a text message is 95%!

Use GraphicMail to upload your list of mobile telephone numbers (from Excel or text file), type your message and hit send.

Send mobile messages

Choose to send from your own mobile number

You can choose to either send your SMS/ text messages from a default phone number in your GraphicMail account, or from a mobile number of your choice! If you choose your own, your recipients can reply to you directly. This helps you get customer feedback, event registrations, product orders - via a quick two-way texting service!

Track messages

Track your SMS/ text sends

Once you have sent your text message to your phone list, GraphicMail provides you with reports on what date your text message has been sent, to which phone list you have sent it and it will also give you a delivery status report.

Combine email and sms

Combine email with text messaging!

You can easily combine your email newsletter sends with your SMS/ text campaigning. Just send out quick updates via SMS, and save your newsletters for more lengthy information or product overviews. Save money and get better engagement - combine both! You could also use text messaging to announce your upcoming newsletter - and potentially achieve a higher open and engagement rate on your email campaign. 

API calls

API calls offered 

The GraphicMail API provides developers and resellers with easy-to-use API calls, to let you build your own texting services on top of your messaging gateway.


Mobile text message

Text message marketing

Connect with subsccribers via personalized text messages. Send from our default mobile number or your own. It's the quickest and most direct way to engage with on-the-go consumers.

Mobile Reports

Mobile reports

See who opened your text message and who clicked on the link to your mobile coupon or pages. Find out which devices your subscribers read your message on.

Mobile Responsive Email

Mobile emails

Email newsletters created with GraphicMail look fantastic on mobile screens through responsive design! No additional coding or formatting required.