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Watch your Subscribers Grow - use a Subscription Tab on Facebook!

We Show You How to add a Subscription Tab to Facebook the Simple Way.


It is well known that word of mouth is best exposure there is and Social Media is word of mouth on a global scale. That’s why it’s vital to use Facebook to expand your mailing list.

More clicks. More customers. More connections.

Watch the video below to find out how you can grow your mailing list, your company and your opportunities by adding a subscription form to your Facebook page.
Dont miss out on the new wave of Social Media - watch the video below to learn how to take advantage of this unique opportunity.


Grow your newsletter contacts database with a subscription form on Facebook.



Grow with social

Grow your social presence

Add share links to email promotions to stand out against all the onlone noise. This will spark word-of-mouth marketing and reinforce your brand.

Social messaging

Social messaging

Post to Facebook or Tweet straight from GraphicMail. No need to navigate to a social media site!  One messaging platform for all your messaging needs.

Social sharing intelligence

Social sharing intelligence

See how many times your newsletter was shared and via which social media account. Contact these customers - they could be your next brand ambassadors!