Our Team

The make-it-happen people behind the software.

GraphicMail USA

Charles Chadwick
Country Partner Manager (US)

Roxi Fonseca GraphicMail

Roxi Fonseca
Key Account Executive (US)

Scott Hall
 Sales Account Executive (US)

Roland Alonso GraphicMail

Roland Alonso
Sales / Support (US)


Alicia Edwards
 Sales Account Executive (US)





Marketing & Design


Faghrudien Schroeder GraphicMail

Faghrudien Schroeder
Quality Assurance Officer



Shane Joseph

Shane Joseph
SEO Manager



Mark Brown

Phumlani Mtabe
Graphic Designer




Stefan Kruger GraphicMail

Stefan Kruger
Senior Developer (ZA)

Johann Bosman GraphicMail

Johann Bosman
Senior Developer and Team Leader (ZA)

Anders Grove GraphicMail

Anders Grove
Developer (ZA)

Jean Hamman GraphicMail

Jean Hamman
Developer (ZA)

Izran Khan

Edward van Kuik
Developer (ZA)


Darin Morris
Developer (ZA)

Jaques Horn
Developer (ZA)



Arron Holtzhausen
Developer (ZA)



Rizwan Ali GraphicMail

Konrad von Backstrom
Developer (ZA)








Sam Sserwanga
Network Administrator


Ebrahim Osman

Ebrahim Osman
Database Administrator




Other Management


Ernie Retief CTO GraphicMail

Ernie Retief

Nicholas Eckert


Cecil Wehmeyer GraphicMail

Cecil Wehmeyer
General Manager

Guus Bierens
Chief Product Officer


Neill Adams GraphicMail

Neill Adams
Junior Accountant

Miriam Suchet GraphicMail

Miriam Suchet
Accountant SA

Andrew Glenister

Andrew Glenister
Systems Analyst

Zach Harriss GraphicMail

Zach Harris
Project Manager

Lukas Hofer GraphicMail

Lukas Hofer
Channel Manager