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Mobile Pricing

Buy What you Need, When you Need it

It's simple - just buy the number of text messaging (SMS) credits you need per campaign! 

As you all know, mobile marketing is a quick and convenient way to connect with your customers. Sending your customers an SMS every time you have a promotion or sale, or simply to touch base is a great marketing tool, to not only increase sales, but to add that personal touch. And of course GraphicMail offers mobile marketing options to best suit your business plans and objectives. If you are interested in mobile marketing done right, GraphicMail is the right people to talk to.
When choosing our mobile options, pricing differs slightly. All you have to do is buy the number of SMS credits you need for your campaign and you are sorted. The price per send is as little as $0.03 per SMS credit, and you will need a minimum of 1 credit per SMS. However, price per credit and number of credits needed varies according to local deliveries and international, but not by much. 
If you feel shaky about committing to a plan right off the bat, contact one of our helpful consultants, who will be happy to explain our Pay As You Go option and Extra Send credits pricing to you. 

Text messaging credits


Send to

Credits per send

Cost per text message

USA and Canada

1 credits


Australia, Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, New Zealand

2 credits


The rest of the world

3 credits



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Mobile keyword

Rent a keyword for $9.95 a month.

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Mobile verification  

Verify the accuracy of your mobile telephone numbers. 

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