Become an Email Marketing Reseller with GraphicMail


Add Email Marketing to your Service

Your Brand + Our Software = Higher Revenue

If you're looking for a way to help your customers and their businesses, then email and mobile marketing campaigns is where you should start. Email is a highly effective tool for helping small businesses grow. Don't take our word for it, read the report by Custora. Here's how we can help you.


Mobile marketing and email reseller

You sell, we serve  

You can manage every aspect of your clients' email and mobile marketing, or you can give your clients a login to let them handle it on their own. We take care of everything behind the scenes—delivery, upgrades, and uptime.


Earn higher revenue and be profitable

Earn higher revenue

With our partner discount, you'll be profitable from the very first email. We'll even give you the flexibility to choose the pricing packages you offer to clients, as well as how to collect payments.


We provide quality email marketing trainingWe're here to help

Our training will get you up to speed and delivering top quality email marketing in no time. And our support specialists are available to help once you're up and running. We can also provide sales support as needed.


White label software with your logo on your domain

Use your brand or GraphicMail's

White label our software with your logo and your domain, and our brand will never be mentioned. Or you can team up with us to sell GraphicMail as a certified reseller.


Secure data, data redundancy and email deliverability

Dependable infrastructure

We follow the strict EEC privacy guidelines for sending. And we follow industry best practices for data security, data redundancy, and email deliverability. Each of your clients will have a unique private account, and as a reseller, your system can scale to an unlimited number of users.


See customer activity, send customers emails & smses from the dashboard.

Reseller dashboard

Know what's happening with your customers. You'll receive notifications for all recent activity. You can easily post messages within accounts, or your can send your customers emails & texts directly from the dashboard.  



We chose GraphicMail because of their world-presence, reliability, innovation and outstanding customer service. They also provide the same level of professional service to businesses and organizations of all sizes looking to maximize the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts.

Dave Fiore
Founder & Chief Content Officer, Fiore Communications