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Email Marketing Blogs

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practicle ecommerce

Practical eCommerce was launched in July 2005 by Kerry and Joy Murdock in Grand Junction, Colorado, U.S.


Email marketing research and case studies

Email Institude

Insights on email marketing best practices and how it intersects with other channels such as mobile and social.


Web insights and analysis beyond email

iMedia Connection

Great info for anything relating to online marketing

Email marketing tips and advice from various industry experts

Get in the Inbox

The seemingly never-ending Email Marketing brain dump of Andy Thorpe, aka Captain Inbox.

Marketing Sherpa

Statistics, inspiration and tips from a renowned marketing research firm

Email Marketing Reports

Email marketing advice, news and best practices written with a personal touch by Mark Brownlow

Email Insider

Email Insider is a great email marketing resource by MediaPost


Email marketing pros and experts discuss best practices in B2C, deliverability & optimization

Email Design Review

Strategy, design & HTML code best practice in email marketing