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Shortcode Marketing

Mobile Marketing with Shortcodes 

Shortcodes make it easy for you to push short, immediate messages to your clients - and to get their response in return! It's a valuable marketing tool with endless possibilities for engagement.


What is a Shortcode

What is a Shortcode?

It's a 5 or 6 digit number that can send and receive text messages. Commonly used for marketing campaigns—such as text-to-win promotions or voting campaigns—they can also be used for information services (for example, Text "traffic alerts" to 97233).  You can place your Shortcode number (for instance, 97233) and keyword (for instance, Dinner) into an email, on your website, onto a print poster, a magazine ad... It's a great way to get new customer leads too! 


How to use it? Here some ideas:

  • Text-to-win: Ask your clients to text "Feed Me!" to 97233 to win a free meal during your new restaurant launch
  • Informational: Offer your audience to text "Showing tonight" to 97233 to get your entertainment program
  • Give aways: Have customers and new leads text "Happy Hour" to 97233  for a free drink at your event
  • Get clients to text "Weekend events" to 97233 so they receive weekly updates on who's playing
  • Get them to text "Specials" to 97233 to receive upcoming discount offers from you


how do you use a Shortcode

How does it work?

Rent a keyword on our system and use it with our shared Shortcode number.

Call our team on 800-590-0028 or email us at to find out more.


Mobile text message

Text marketing

Connect with subscribers via personalized text messages. Send from our default mobile number or your own. It's the quickest and most direct way to engage with your consumers on the go.


Mobile Reports

Track Text Message Sends

See who opened your text message and how they engaged with it. Find out which devices your subscribers read your message on and how to improve your marketing!


Mobile Responsive Email

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