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Social Sharing

Email and Social Sharing = The Perfect Match

By sharing your email newsletters on social networks, you could get 150% more clicks on your links!

Email was the first social media network and all social media strategies should include email. Including links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts in your email marketing campaigns will drive traffic and engagement. Similarly, your social media sites are a great place to get subscribers to your mailing lists. Your email marketing and social media campaigns should reinforce one another. Combine the two - and reach more people!

Combining email and social is easy with GraphicMail:  

  • Expand your reach.  Share your emails on your own Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social accounts in one click!
  • Ask your email readers to share your newsletters and comment on them from their own social accounts!
  • Get more subscribers by including an opt-in form on your newsletter via Twitter, Facebook.
  • Grow your mailing list. Add a subscription link to your newsletter via social media channels.
  • Tweet or post a Facebook update straight from your GraphicMail account!


How to score with social media

Increase Your Viral Reach

Adding ‘like’ buttons to your email newsletters gives you the ability to collect powerful feedback from your readers. What's more, their friends will see what they liked, increasing the viral reach of your email campaigns. Increase new customers’ interest in what you have to say or sell!



Publish Your Newsletter on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more

Posting your email newsletters to your social media profiles is just a click away. Link your social media accounts to GraphicMail and then publish a link to the email when you send it. If someone missed the email, they may still see it on Twitter or Facebook. This way, you are more likely to get more people to hear about you, talk about you and recommend you. 

Social media helps promote your business online

Create social ambassadors

Add social share buttons to your email newsletters. With a single click, your readers can share your message with their own social media friends and followers. We’ve added a social sharing suite to every email newsletter - to make it as easy as possible for recipients to share, comment and like your email campaigns.

View newsletter shares on social media

See Who Shared What with Social Reports

GraphicMail reports show you how many times your newsletter was shared and on which social media. You’ll even know who shared your campaign - meet your next brand ambassadors!