Corporate Email Marketing Services

Corporate Email Marketing Services

Email is the backbone of digital marketing. The return on investment continues to outpace social media and other online marketing channels, so don't forget this all-too-important communication resource. Let us create a tailored email marketing solution for your unique corporate needs.

Our Email Creator will simplify your content creation. It allows you to create flexible, branded templates which can be further modified without any coding knowledge.

Our automation suite lets you create multi-event email campaigns that will reduce email workload. We'll help you integrate with existing eCommerce or CRM systems using either an API or a datasync between GraphicMail and your corporate applications.  

We understand that your company's needs do not fit in a box.


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Account Management

Account management

Separate accounts for each department, managed from an administrator dashboard. Centralized purchasing. Share email templates, images, lists & more between accounts.


Delivery Rates

Delivery rates

GraphicMail has an average delivery rate of over 98%. We maintain feedback loops with all major ISPs. Use our shared IPs, or get dedicated IPs assigned to your account. ReturnPath's SenderScore Certified.

Actionable Reports

Actionable Reports

See who opened your emails, when and where they opened, and what device they viewed it on. Heatmaps overlay emails to show click patterns. Actionable reports help to improve future campaigns.

Content Control

Content Control

Your design department can upload unique email templates. Control which departments and users can access specific templates, and control which portions of templates can be edited.

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