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If you specialise in application or software development, it's time to listen up. Because GraphicMail is onboard to help you build your business to exceptional heights. With the GraphicMail API, developers will spend less time on syncing data, importing content and extracting reports and more time where it really matters - showing  customers the impact that newsletters can have on their bottom line.



Integrations and Plugins

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By making use of our API, developers can take advantage of our solid background and experience in the email industry, not to mention our expert knowledge on social and mobile messaging, allowing you to move your business to the next level of email services. This benefits both you and your customers.

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Integrate your GraphicMail webforms into the most popular CRM systems

Customer Relationship Manager

Use your favourite CRM tools through our dynamic API offerings. Manage customer relations on a variety of platforms - straight from your GraphicMail account. Use our API and enjoy automatic syncing of contacts, leads, product details, invoices, sales data and financial information - its business made easy. 

Sync your GraphicMail webform with CMS systems such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla.

Content Management Systems

Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla are three of the most popular content management systems used by companies all over the world. Integrate with these software packages quickly and easily.

Use your eCommerce platform data and integrate it with GraphicMail to profit from your email marketing campaign.


Integrate your eCommerce platforms with GraphicMail’s API. By integrating your eCommerce plaform data with your GraphicMail newsletters, you increase your profit from your email marketing campaigns. And why wouldn’t you want to make a profit?



Other Integrations

GraphicMail offers a host of other integrations to choose from, including Accounting, Event Management, Billing, Advertising, Team Project Management, VOIP Virtual PBX and Shipping, Logistics & Inventory Management. 


Add GraphicMail to your site or App

Even better, if you have built a fantastic new plugin that you want to share with the world, GraphicMail will share any integration and plugin with our external community, with due credit given to you of course.