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Other Integrations

Integrate our API with any platform - from accounting to advertising!




Establish a flawless integration between your email marketing efforts and accounting apps - get revenue from newsletters!


Event Management

Event Management

Newsletter marketing is a great way to publish events - so integrate it with your eventing platform and make sure your database is always up to date.


Billing Integrations


Combine your email marketing newsletters with your billing app - get a full view of where your revenue is coming from!


Advertising Integrations


Integrate your advertising data from adCore with your promotional efforts via your email newsletters.


Team Project Management

Team Project Management

Internal communication via newsletter sends could easily be integrated with your project management app to get maximum return on resources.


VOIP Integration

VOIP Virtual PBX

Integrate your voice over internet protocol app with your email newsletter data.


Shipping Intergrations

Shipping Logistics & Inventory Management

Manage your shipping, logistics and inventory in combination with your email marketing efforts.


These integrations sync your data across platforms so you can maximize your marketing efforts, track your performance and see the results as your business grows.