Email Marketing

Email Marketing = Big Gains for Small Businesses


One of the most important things you will learn as a salesperson is this: people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy. But how do you make a sale without selling? Good, old fashioned email marketing. But, before you go shoving your product down their throats in an email choc-a-bloc with a sales pitch, hold on, step back, take a deep breath. GraphicMail is here help you build an effective email marketing campaign. 


Get your message across while growing your customer relationship. It's all about engagement. In short, your email campaign should convey your specific message to your customers to inform, motivate and sell. Email marketing is, therefore, one of the most effective and affordable ways to get your message across on a broad scale, while still maintaining an intimate, trusted relationship with your customers. Which converts to a huge ROI. 

Mission Accomplished!


Email Creator

Take the hassle out of creating customized newsletters. GraphicMail templates are user-friendly and customizable in any style, format and color of your choice. And, even better, your newsletter will be compatible with all devices, from desktops users, to on-the-go tablet and smartphone users. Perfect.



Newsletter Templates

Take the GraphicMail free trial and gain access to hundreds of cool templates, or get creative and make your own! Send newsletters that create a lasting impression and show your business in a positive, professional light on all devices.





Email Delivery

Sending an email campaign is as easy as 1, 2...Profit! It’s that simple. 1 – Schedule the exact delivery date and time of your campaign. 2 – Hit send. 3 - Watch the clicks turn to cash!

But, should you get stuck along the way, GraphicMail’s dedicated and experienced support team will always be ready to assist you.




GraphicMail Report and Analytic features use your newsletters to give you access to your readers’ activities – who saw it, who shared it, and when. Reports are updated in real time, so they're always 100% accurate and 100% updated. The Heat Map feature offers a graphical representation of user engagement, meaning you'll see exactly what your users loved about your email.



Advanced Features

Get personal with Advanced Features. Get to know your customers, what they want and what makes them tick. Manage your interactions in a swift, easy way to get your small business booming, and use our Personalize Newsletter options that allow you to customize, connect, engage and ultimately, convert.




Mailing Lists

Take control of your own mailing list the fast and efficient way with GraphicMail. From free newsletter subscription forms, to mailing list management tools, you're large and in charge! Take control of who sees your newsletter and when. Increase engagement, save money and boost sales!