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SME Email Delivery

Unparalleled Email Delivery

Does the thought of creating an effective marketing campaign stress you out? Well, it’s time to take a chill pill and let GraphicMail help you out!
With us, sending an email campaign is a breeze. The Email Delivery feature allows you to access your campaign anytime, anywhere – from your desktop, tablet or even your smartphone. Even better, you can schedule the exact date and time of delivery, making sure your email gets sent at the appropriate time. And, because we have feedback loops with all major internet providers, you can rest assured that your delivery rates will be sky-high.
Another great feature is that you can start tracking your campaign analytics the minute you click send and, if you get stuck at any point during this process, the GraphicMail 
support team is on standby to offer you the best advice and guidance. 
Now you can communicate with customers even when you are out of the office - you're always switched on and ready!
Email Autoresponders


Our Autoresponders and Automated Email features keep you connected to your customers at all times! In addition to this, add that personal touch with automated welcomes and RSVP messages, which can be scheduled in advance.
This is a great feature to build client relationships - and above all, this feature saves you loads of time.



Test your email performance with GraphicMail's AB Splitting features

A/B Splits

It’s always better to test drive your car before you purchase. The same can be said about your campaigns.
GraphicMail offers you the chance to run A/B split tests on things like subject lines, email content and layout to see what works best for your business.
For all this and more, contact GraphicMail and get on the road to a successful online marketing campaign.

Send to Social Media

Send to Facebook & others

Post your newsletter campaign to Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks straight from your GraphicMail account using our social integration tool.

Spam Testing

Spam test your email

Nothing ruins sender reputation like spam! Before you hit send, run a quick spam test from within the GraphicMail application. We'll show you what content, image or word in the subject line could be spam trapped.

Send to Segments

Email Marketing Tools and Segmentation

Corporate email marketing requires accurate, reliable tools that get the job done. GraphicMail offers just that - use our segmentation tools to target portions of your readers to gain maximum appeal and our advanced email reports to constantly raise your bottom line with each send.