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Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you have other product related questions, access our resources and knowledgebase. Alternatively, you can participate in a free, live email marketing demo.

To get an answer for anything not convered in this list, please check our knowledge base:

Login to your GraphicMail account and choose "Help Center" from the left menu bar



Invoices are posted immediately to your account and they are all accessible in one central point in your GraphicMail account. Here you can choose to print your invoices, send individual invoices to your email address or set it so that invoices are automatically sent to an email address in PDF format.

No, you don’t have to commit to any contract period. If you would like to cancel a subscription, you can submit a request form from within your account which will be dealt with immediately. If you choose to upgrade your account, you can do so at anytime by ordering it via our shopping cart in your GraphicMail account.

If it's a credit card, you’ll receive an email stating that the amount has come off. If it's a debit order, then you’ll receive an email from us stating that the amount has been debited.

With the monthly pricing plan, your account will be credited with the monthly send credits according to your monthly subscription selected at Sign Up.

Your credit card will automatically be debited according to the subscription amount selected. An invoice for this amount can be viewed within your GraphiMail account.

If you are subscribed to a monthly plan, your credits will update automatically, but not necessarily on the first day of the month. It depends on what day of the month you signed up for your account. The day that you subscribed is the day of the month when your credits will be updated. For example, if you subscribed on the 9th, you will receive credits on the 9th.

Each account is enabled with 20 mailing lists. Should you require more than the specified amount, you can make your purchase starting at US$20 for an additional 20 mailing lists.

We do not provide partial refunds for unused credits. 

If at any time we feel that you are abusing our system in any way, we reserve the right to suspend sending rights on your account. Before using GraphicMail, make sure you have read and understand what we consider abuse. If after suspension, we determine that you have abused the system in any way, we will shut down your account and we will not provide refunds for unused credits.

To test GraphicMail, we offer you a free trial which allows you to send 5000 emails a month to a maximum of 500 contacts - absolutely free.

You will have access to all of GraphicMail's advanced features and full support for 15 days. After that, if you want to keep using the application, you need to sign up for an email plan starting from $9.95/ month.

The application will automatically not send to recipients that have unsubscribed and those email addresses that have hard bounced from the first send. This means that no send credits will be deducted for these addresses when making your sends. Detailed Reports will allow you to view the statistics on each send and mailing list individually.The reporting tool allows you to extract this information and export it to a new/existing mailings lists to download it as a file.

With our monthly plans, we offer two options, a "per send plan" and a "per contact plan". We also offer a Pay-as-you-Go plan which is charged per email. Big bulk senders might benefit from our High Volume Plan.

Dedicated IP environment:

A dedicated IP address means that only e-mail from your organization/ business is sent from it. This provides your organization sole control over what is sent and what reputation that IP address earns.


Shared IP environment:

A shared IP address is just what it sounds like -- you''re sharing the IP address with other users. Every company sending from the IP address has the potential to impact, positively or negatively, its reputation.


The Benefits of a Dedicated IP Environment

  1. Your IP address is always the same.
  2. No risk of blacklisting due to other senders
  3. Easier white-listing
  4. More control over deliverability
  5. Your links contain your own domain
  6. With a dedicated IP you will easily qualify for a SenderScore from ReturnPath


Is one Dedicated IP address enough for the mail volumes I want to send?

Benefits of a Dedicated Server:

  1. You can have more than one dedicated IP address
  2. Rate-limits for delivery are considerably reduced when you send high volumes at one time

Yes, you can upload a file to GraphicMail's servers and the file will be inserted as a link. You will be charged one additional credit for every 100kb for every email sent.

If you would like to add tracking or security options to your file, GraphicMail has partnered with Digioh, a digital download distribution service. They allow you to successfuly track which of your subscribers download your file and ask non-subscribers to join your list before downloading your file. It is completely integrated with GraphicMail so its fast and easy to setup.


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