SharpSpring Mail+ has some powerful features that go beyond what a typical email service provider offers. This is the first in a series of several blog posts focussing on the features that set SharpSpring Mail+ apart from other standard email service providers (ESPs) and will help you create customized communications that resonate with your contacts and are timed perfectly to trigger when your contact is ready for that next communication.

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. That’s how you make contacts and money as a marketer. But in an age where email spam seems to be the norm, how do you set yourself apart?

The first step is to stop doing what everyone else is doing, and that’s talking to your audience like a herd of robotic sheep. No one likes spam or being addressed by default. People like reading relevant email that speaks to their specific needs, interests and perspective.

SharpSpring Mail+ offers some new tools to help you achieve just that.

Dynamic email content is just one way that SharpSpring Mail+ makes your life easier by allowing you to display different images, messages and CTAs based on each contact’s unique attributes, interests and behaviors without the need to create individual customized emails.

Here’s how dynamic email content can transform the way you conduct email marketing.

One Email, 1000s of Messages

We all know that highly personalized emails lead to more conversions, but editing each and every email to be fully customized to each unique contact is clearly unrealistic.

There are simply way too many demographics, names, locations and interests to take into account true email personalization for your contacts.

In addition to this, many traditional personalization techniques have lost their effectiveness. Almost every email in your contact’s inbox opens up with “hello (name),” and then goes on to try sell them something irrelevant.

With dynamic email content, your emails will stand out because they feature what your contact is looking for.

Dynamic Email Content in Action

For example, let’s say you own a chain of pet stores and want to send out an email marketing campaign promoting a discount for cat food and dog food. With dynamic email content, you can create one email that changes based on whether your contact owns a dog, a cat or both, as well as other demographic information.

This means that a person who only owns a cat will receive an email with a promotion for cat food, the location of the nearest pet store specific to them, and a brand that is in line with their earning potential, all accompanied by relevant images.

And, you guessed it, the same applies to contacts with only dogs or who own both dogs and cats.

Find out more

If this sounds good to you, it’s because it is. Personalization in emails has proven an effective tactic for email marketers, and it only gets better when you add dynamic email content, VisitorID and more from SharpSpring Mail+.

If you’d like to find out more about dynamic email content and what else SharpSpring Mail+ can do for your business, check out the rest of our blog or sign up for a free trial and discover a world of possibilities.