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Email Newsletter templates: The list of the best free to download email newsletter templates available in 2020.

Not only is this Library free it also includes responsive newsletter templates as a standard feature. Well it is 2020 after all!

There are 1,000s of newsletter templates out there. We wanted to narrow the hunt down for you. The best resources for email newsletter design. We’ve looked at easy of use for newbies or flexibility for pros.

Whatever you are looking for in your software for newsletters you’ll find it here.

What to think about when email newsletter designing

First up quality will always trump quantity. Don’t be scared to edit down your list of content ideas to the most important thing. Making sure you don’t waste the readers time is the best way to gain their respect for your newsletter. If it’s brief and doesn’t connect first time the subscriber is still more likely to give you the time of day next time. Respect your readers time and they will love you newsletter every week.

You want to have a consistent format from week to week. Some readers will scan your newsletter for the infographic of the week section or graphs and stats. Make sure they can find what they are looking for on a regular basis.

Check out our collection of email newsletter templates below.

For Newbies

So image you want your new email newsletter to be fully tested in all the major email clients. You need it to be responsive on every device or phone imaginable and you want it want it to ready to import into your ESP.

Well There are a few but my far our favorite for 2020 (so far) is stripo. If has a really easy to use intuitive interface. You can choose the perfect email newsletter template directly in the demo. We knocked out our first basic newsletter template in about 15 minutes. It was then ready for exporting and sending safe in the knowledge that it would actually work.

stripo email newsletter template
Stripo User Interface

For Pros

As a Professional email marketer you might be looking for something that gives you the choice to REALLY edit. The best starter library of HTML templates for email newsletters we found so far? Well it depends what you are looking for. In tests four out of five of you are real cheapskates and are looking for templates that are actually free. Like in real life free, not make you sign-up and then find they aren’t free! So annoying!

Anyway here’s the top twenty free email newsletter resources:

The Top 20 in a radio DJ style!

20: Mailchimp free templates

You gotta love the big boys. Good old Chimpmail, the monkey that just keeps on giving. On the way out at number 20

mailchimp email newsletter templates

19: Hubspot free template

Over at hubspot you get a choice of one free template: Perk, which isn’t really a choice now is it?

Hubspot email newsletter templates

18: Monster newsletter templates

The Monster does the monster rock. Old school and simple but really really free

emailmonster email newsletter templates

17: Campaign Monitor newsletter template

Australian’s do it on the beach – Campaign Monitor are Australian. What a cheap date, it’s free!

campaign monitor email newsletter templates

16: Github email templates

You get the picture if you do the Antwort. Looks great on desktops not just mobile!

example email newsletter templates from github

15: Litmus testing newsletter templates

If it’s not testing it’s not swinging , litmus at 15 – feel that summer vibe

summer email newsletter templates

14: Pixelhint PSD email template

free email newsletter templates PSD

13: Sendinblue newsletter templates

Out of the blue and in at this weeks number 12 it’s Send in Blue baby

sendinblue email newsletter templates

12: Litmus newsletter template too

Another entry for the boys and girls at Litmus. Pook me with a stick, it’s beauiful and free.

simple email newsletter templates

11: Pinterest newsletter template gallery

Kick me in the backside this project is a humdinger! Worse places to start that Pinterest.

email newsletter templates ideas

10: Pixhint template email for newsletter

Can you really have Passion and still be totally free – this fully responsive lot can.

email newsletter template

9: Penrose flat responsive email template

Nice work from Agent Penrose – keeping it clean

flat email newsletter template

8: Email on Acid template for Mailchimp

Is Alex on Acid? No he just works there! Summer email template specifically designed with mailchimp in mind for free

summer is here email newsletter templates

7: Sonata for hubspot email templates

More great work from hubspot – you say Sonya they say Sonata

Sonata email newsletter template

6: Litmus is on fire!

Vision from Litmus have another spot in the chart – smokin’!

Litmus email newsletter template

5: MJML one page newsletter template

Super singles – I just need a onepager

one pager email newsletter template

4: Codepen newsletter email template

A great tool for the Pros on lunch break – head over to the Pen for a quicky

HTML email newsletter template

3: Cakemail email template for news

Ever popular is ‘Popular’ on Cake

Cakemail email newsletter templates

2: Behance free email newsletter template

Some people will do anything to get in our chart – at number 2 it’s Beyoncé, I mean Behance-y

Behance free email newsletter template

1: Canva free email template design

Our favorite place to start has to be over at Canva for inspiration.

Canva email newsletter template for free


12 Newsletter design tips from Mike

Still want more?

Read up on making email newsletter templates more impactful.


Ontraport 2020 Review

Ontraport is made for small businesses, although it is advanced enough for big ones.

As number ten on Inc’s “Top 100 Software Companies” list, the company is well-reputed in the email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) business.

What is Ontraport?

Ontraport is an all-in-one platform that provides businesses with access to email marketing, information management, and Ontraport CRM tools. Ontraport demo features file-sharing functions, lead capture tools, automation, split testing, marketing features, social media integration, and task management.

With Ontraport, you can send your customers information that targets and captures their interests for maximum results. You can also use the interface to create landing pages, automated emails, postcards, and sign up forms.

Ontraport Review 2020

Although Ontraport’s central component is email marketing, it also has a CRM system. Its top features work around a visual campaign map that allows you to track customer interactions and automate your business operations. In this review, we shall shed light on some of the features that make ontraport stand distinguished among its competitors. These features include:

A Versatile Block-Based Editor

Ontraport landing pages, emails, and sign-up forms are built from the same full-featured editor. Once you learn how to use the platform’s block-based editor, you can use it for virtually everything. The interface offers a wide array of pre-designed blocks and functional elements. This includes dividers, headers, slideshows, coupon offers, and social media features.

Contextual Help System

Ontraport’s email system is extensive. It could be challenging to find your way around when you start. Fortunately, Ontraport features a comprehensive contextual help system. You can click on the info icon at the bottom right of every page for information about it.

You can also tap on the provided links to related Ontraport knowledge base articles for more details.

A Flexible Campaign Builder

Ontraport’s Campaign Builder allows you to lay out how your visitors will flow through funnels. It also provides you with real-time statistics about your customer’s interaction with your website. The platform also offers pre-made campaign templates for new clients and allows you to share complete workflows with other users.

Excellent Customer Support

Ontraport has a reputation for providing its customers with thorough and fast responses. They have an active live chat and phone support that is available seven days a week. If you need more information about the service, you can reach out through ontraport phone number, or browse the Ontraport blog for knowledge base articles.

Free Trial

Most email services offer their clients a free day trial. Ontraport, however, doesn’t require you to provide your credit card information for the 14-day free trial. As such, you can test out the features without the risk of charges.

Pros of Ontraport

· Great customer support

· Full CRM capabilities

· Comes with an Ontraport mobile app

· Features for enhancing e-commerce sales

· Accurate performance reports

· Effective automation

· Easy to use drag and drop editor

· Free trial with a money-back guarantee

Cons of Ontraport

At $76 a month, even the Basic Ontraport plan can seem costly for a startup or small business but the features really pack a punch. Put it this way if you start with Ontraport you won’t be looking to switch in a month’s time.

Ontraport Pricing

Ontraport offers its clients four plans with a monthly pricing model. Each Plan carries a 90-day no-risk money-back guarantee. They are:

· Basic Plan at $79 for unlimited emails, 1,000 contacts, one user

· Plus Plan at $149 for unlimited emails, 2,500 contacts, two users

· Pro Plan at $297 for unlimited emails, 10,000 contacts, three users

· Enterprise Plan at $497 200,000 emails, 20,000+ contacts, five users

Ontraport Competitors

Top Ontraport competitors include:




Wrike for Marketing

Epom Pricing

In terms of popularity, competitors include:




Zoho CRM


Ontraport customers include small and medium-sized businesses alike. The company even caters to freelancers across the globe. If your company can afford one of the platform’s Plan, then you can leverage Ontraport’s features for the success of your business.


mailchimp vs hubspot

Which is email marketing tool is best for your business: mailchimp vs hubspot

According to Statistica, there are an estimated 3.9 billion active email users in 2020. This figure is expected to grow to 5 billion by 2023.

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool for businesses.

However, with many options, choosing the best tool for your business can be a daunting task. In this post, we compare two popular options mailchimp vs hubspot and determine how each platform is suitable for your business.

What is mailchimp?

Mailchimp has been labeled as the ‘yahoo’ in email marketing since it was the pioneer platform launched to deal exclusively with email marketing. Launched in 2001, mailchimp has grown to become a popular email application for small businesses and individuals for sending newsletters and emails. Sending email on mailchimp is free if you have 2500 subscribers and below. Once your subscriber list grows beyond 2500, you pay a small monthly fee depending on your chosen plan. To understand what is mailchimp used for, here is a layout of the features.

Mailchimp features

Ready-to-use templates

Mailchimp comes with pre-installed mail templates for all users, whether free or paid. With these templates, add your message and customize the emails before forwarding to your subscribers. You can also drag and drop photos, memes, charts, or any multi-media file that you want to include in the emails. With the in-built edit tools, you can resize, edit, or alter any features on the data to make them more appealing to potential clients. The features are availed on all mailchimp plans.

Marketing Automation

With the mailchimp automation feature, you can add personalization to your emails before sending them to potential leads. This feature is useful if you have an extensive subscribers list, and wish to personalize each email. With the onboarding tool, you can set up a welcome email to all potential clients who visit your website. Further, you can integrate mailchimp to your ecommerce store to follow up on purchases, fulfill abandoned carts, or sent birthday gift reminders to clients.

A/B testing capability

The A/B testing feature allows users to test various email features that can reduce the bounce rate. For instance, you can check the best subject lines to use when sending emails, the best time to send emails, or ideal language to increase customer engagement.

Merge tags

With merge tags, you can add a touch of your voice to every email sent to potential clients. For instance, instead of starting every email with a dear customer, you can use the customer’s name for a personalized feel. Merge tags collect data from subscribers and assign a unique label to the data. Before sending the campaign, select the merge tag and add it to the email.

Pros of mailchimp


Mailchimp pricing is the most attractive feature of the platform. With mailchimp, you can sign up for free and start enjoying tools like free templates, automation, merge tags, reminders, and free landing pages. When your subscriber list grows to a specific limit, you can sign up for the mailchimp starter package, which is highly affordable.


Ease of use is a popular feature of mailchimp reviews. Once you sign up, you can start using the free templates to create campaigns, edit, and post or share. With the automation feature, you can design any email without employing a developer.

Positive return on investment

Mailchimp is more popular with small entrepreneurs and individuals due to its positive return on investment. Even the starter plan which costs $10 monthly, has many amazing features like content segmentation, automation, work-flows system, email reports, and content optimization. If you don’t have a huge marketing budget, you can start with a mailchimp free package and scale your budget as you start generating revenue from your email marketing campaigns.

Cons of mailchimp

Limited flexibility

The most significant limitation of mailchimp email marketing is the lack of flexibility. With mailchimp, you must use the tools provided by the platform; in most cases, these tools don’t support the overall digital marketing strategy.


If you have a challenge using the tools, it might take a while before being assigned a customer relationship manager (CRM). Even for the paid plans, customer support may take up to 24 hours before responding to an inquiry.

Limited automation power

Compared to hubspot, mailchimp has limited automation features. While most email features are automated, you cannot alter, edit, or format the pre-installed templates. Also, mailchimp doesn’t support multiple communication channels like SMS, interacting with other CRM platforms, or changing contact details.

What is hubspot?

Unlike mailchimp, hubspot is a more robust, sophisticated, and multi-dimensional CRM tools. Besides email marketing, you can do more with hubspot like blogging, social media marketing, CTAs, CRM, and website CMS. Essentially, hubspot allows you to manage your entire digital marketing strategy on different platforms like blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, affiliate websites, e-commerce, and any other online platform.

Features of hubspot

All-in-one solution

Hubspot email marketing is not the only feature offered by hubspot. It is a complete marketing platform that can manage your entire sales process from lead generation to converting clients, closing deals, and making follow-ups. With hubspot, you get to create more marketing assets such as blogs, websites, and ecommerce platform, a landing page, and videos. This way, you get access to client data across various purchase process and take corrective action at every stage. Thus, to answer the question of what does hubspot does, the best answer is, its an all-in-one CRM tool.

Personalized content

With the smart feature on hubspot email tracking, you can change the client emails according to their activity. This way, you make your emails targeted, personalized, and highly relevant. With hub sot, you can customize the emails basing on the marketing funnel, product category, or the industry of your potential client.

Contact segmentation

As an alternative to mailchimp, the hubspot is more advanced due to its contact segmentation capacity. Using the data collected, the platform can segment the database on factors like geographical location, income level, age, sex, stage in the purchase process, and online activity. This segmentation allows you to create more relevant and appealing messages to clients.

Pros for hubspot


Unlike mailchimp, hubspot gives more insight into collected data. Other than grouping, segmenting, and generating reports, hubspot can give you recommendations. With hubspot email tracking tools, you can get into the bounce rate, devices used, duration on the website, buying behavior online, and affiliates activity.

Powerful automation tools

Hubspot is superior to mal chimp since it goes beyond sending auto-responding emails. Hubspot has powerful customer relationship management tools that automate the entire selling process from lead generation, client management, and follow-ups.

Flexible design s and templates

Though hubspot comes with in-built templates, you can adjust, edit, or format the designs to meet your client needs.



Hubspot cost is the most significant limitation associated with this CRM platform. Hubspot has four plans. Hubspot marketing starter, which is free, has basic email marketing features. Hubspot starter plan costs $50 monthly, while the professional plan costs $400-$800 monthly. The enterprise plan is the most advanced costs, $1200 to $3000 monthly.

Robust platform

Hubspot is an excellent platform for large companies with substantial digital marketing budgets. For small entrepreneurs and individuals, the robust features might be sophisticated for their operations.


While mailchimp and hubspot are great marketing tools, each product is ideal for different companies. Mailchimp is perfect for a small company with simple online transactions. However, hubspot tools like hubspot newsletter and hubspot for Gmail are ideal for more prominent companies that have more complex operations and more data to analyze and interpret.


infusionsoft vs mailchimp

Which is email marketing tool is best for your business: infusionsoft vs mailchimp?

When settling on an email marketing tool, you need intel on the specific email marketing tools available in the market. Here it is!

Mailchimp and Infusionsoft are some of the best tools that can be effective in improving the performance of your business. When you compare MailChimp and Infusionsoft, you will realize that they are both excellent for your business. Today, we are going to settle the battle of Infusionsoft vs MailChimp.

What is MailChimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing manager that gives you access to a wide range of features for business entities of all sizes. It is popular for low-cost plans, powerful analytical features and tools that allow you to stay in contact with clients and prospects. You can create, implement, and examine your email campaigns as you engage a collection of different clients. Through its smartphone apps, you can continue your work on your iPhone or Android phone.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a software that you can purchase for customer relationship management. It has a potent interface for email marketing that can improve your interaction with clients and general performance in the market. Infusionsoft is one of the best MailChimp alternatives that allow you to connect with third-party software. Its marketing tools will enable you to make contact and sales through social media, email, and offline channels.

Email Features

MailChimp is an email marketing tool that allows you access to a simple user interface that enables you to broadcast emails to your clients and prospects without a steep learning curve. It takes a few minutes and steps to get started on MailChimp.

Infusionsoft has an interface that might be quite confusing and overwhelming for the first time users. After exploring the key features of Infusionsoft, you can take advantage of the CRM services. With time, you can get more conversions than that of the MailChimp.

When Should I Choose MailChimp?

· For Smartphones – MailChimp features as one of the best email marketing tools that can help you to make more sales. It is designed to perform efficiently on a smartphone as well as the PC. It is also easier for the first time and subsequent users to navigate through.

· For Email Marketing – MailChimp is better than Infusionsoft when it comes to reaching more prospects and clients through the mail. This platform organizes your email subscribers and email campaigns into formats that your recipients can easily understand.

When Should I Choose Infusionsoft?

· To send Customized Emails – Infusionsoft allows you to send specific messages to specific clients on your list. It shows you the types of actions taken by your clients after the reception of previous emails.

· Classification of Customers – as you make contact with your clients, you need to get more specific to convert more clients. Infusionsoft divides your clients as per your specifications and their reactions upon the reception of your message.

MailChimp Pricing

MailChimp has a free trial period that allows you to interact effectively with the services and benefits that your business stands to gain. After the free trial, you can use:

· New Business Plan for free

· Growing Business Plan for $10/month

· Pro marketer plan for $199/month

The Mail Chimp pro plan allows you to enjoy enterprise-level features and all of MailChimp capabilities.

Infusionsoft Pricing

The free trial period allows you to get more familiar with Infusionsoft as you get a better understanding of the benefits you stand to gain. The pricing plan is as follows:

· <500 contacts – $80/month

· 1,500 contacts – $104/month

· 2,500 contacts – $144/month

· 5,000 contacts – $184/month

· 10,000 contacts – $240/month

· 25,000 contacts – $280month

· 50,000 contacts – $304/month

Is Infusionsoft worth it?

The product is quite expensive but has more capabilities than MailChimp.

Bottom Line

This MailChimp and Infusionsoft comparison can help you to make an informed choice between the two. If you are in search of an email marketing tool that has advanced CRM features, you should go for Infusionsoft. On the other hand, if you need an email marketing tool that is easy to use and cheap, you should opt for MailChimp. To reach all your clients and prospects, you should consider using both MailChimp and Infusionsoft to improve the chances of your business.


pardot vs marketo

Which is email marketing tool is best for your business: pardot vs marketo

In the current age, you need to work smarter as you aim to achieve your goals.

A variety of e-mail marketing services can improve your sales by targeting clients from all over the globe. When it comes to the debate of Pardot vs Marketo, you must consider the features and benefits of each. This information can guide you as you make an informed choice of which tool between the two suits your business best. Read on to know which features stand out for each!

Overview: Pardot and Marketo

What is Pardot?

Pardot is B2B marketing automation that is used by companies of all sizes. Users can conduct marketing automation basics like lead management and e-mail marketing, automate online forms, website tracking, digital campaigns, and lead nurturing. Auto-sync to Salesforce CRM is one of how Pardot benefits your sales team.

What is Marketo used for? Companies of all sizes can also use Marketo in facilitating B2C and B2B sales. It covers marketing needs like landing pages, SEOs, customer base marketing, scorings, and analytics. New features include mobile engagement, website personalization, social and web retargeting. Video overviews are available for all features.

Geographical Coverage

Marketo has a major coverage in New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and thirty-three more countries. On the other hand, Pardot leads in more than 104 countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Customer Retention

Pardot drip campaigns are used to help you retain customers by giving you more Pardot tricks and tips. Templates for e-mail blasts and newsletters are limited, but you can create customized templates suiting your demands. You can create e-mail templates that may appeal to different clients. It sends e-mail blasts automatically with triggers like interactions and time settings. Pardot reporting is important as it allows users to monitor progress.

Marketo creates automated campaigns that are personalized for prospects. It is user friendly and highly scalable with an e-mail builder that uses a WYSIWYG editor. The visual interface makes it easier for your clients through the information collected from customer profiles. Marketo marketing automation reaches all clients through a personalized approach to e-mail marketing.

Marketing Campaigns

Pardot helps you to set up, deploy, and manage in/outbound marketing campaigns in one place. Pardot makes it much easier for you to review previous strategies that you have employed to improve sales. It has an editor that helps you to develop e-mail messages that may appeal to different prospects. You can organize tasks and create a virtual list to reach clients conveniently.

Marketo helps you to use digital marketing on a different scale to increase your sales. You can deliver streams of relevant content. Batch and real-time e-mails are triggered by certain behaviors, timing, or a series of defined steps. You can easily create professional e-mail templates. Marketo dashboard allows you to interact and keep an eye on your executed marketing campaigns.

Capture Leads

Pardot uses a landing page builder that allows marketers to create landing pages without a developer. Anonymous visitors are tracked down by Pardot to convert them into prospects. It also simplifies social profiling to make your e-mails and keywords more relevant. This automation platform changes content sent out based on individual differences.

Marketo allows you to attract and interact with relevant clients through landing pages, search marketing, web personalization, behavior tracking, and social media. It offers progressive profiling for consistent customer data. Multiple marketing activities and programs are also available to make. You might experience some difficulty in handling the built-in landing pages.


Pardot allows you to access a wide range of features through different payment plans. Pardot pricing includes Growth for $1,250 per month, Plus for $2,500 per month and Advanced for $4,000 per month. On the other hand, to learn more about Marketo Pricing, you need to make a call to get a price quote on the premium that serves you best. You might discover that Marketo costs slightly more compared to Pardot.

Over the past years, Pardot has been giving Marketo competition for quite a while. For this reason , more users have been migrating from Marketo to Pardot to reap from its perks. As you consider moving from marketo to Pardot marketing, you should consider your specific needs. With more client reviews on Pardot vs marketing clouds available, you can make an informed choice.


mailerlite vs convertkit

Which is email marketing tool is best for your business: mailerlite vs convertkit

We all know that marketing is an essential step when it comes to growing a business.

Today, technology has made this process more effective in several ways, including the ability to reach out to different people globally with just one click and just the fact that it’s easier to interact with customers and get feedback once you put out a product.

Today, we have so many email marketing service providers; however, for this article, we are going to focus on mailerlite vs convertkit.

What is mailerlite?

Mailerlite is an email marketing platform that came out in 2005, that allows its users to manage email campaigns, design landing pages, as well as allow businesses to interact with their subscribers through pop up options. This software offers 24/7 customer care support. Additionally, users can integrate this software with web services such as WordPress and Zapier.

What is convertkit?

Convertkit is a more recent email marketing service that was developed in 2015 to target both beginners and advanced creators. According to the founder Suzi Whitford, the software’s incentives have enabled her to grow her subscriber list to a whopping 50,000. Some of its features include automated emails, tags, and segments and the ability to integrate with web services such as Gumroad and teachable.

How much does mailerlite cost?

mailerlite pricing mechanism is perhaps its best feature compared to other email marketing tools. For a business that has just started and has less than 1000 subscribers, the service is completely free. Even better is that during this period, you can access all their features such as landing page builder, A/B testing, as well as form builders. However, at this stage, you can’t access 24/7 customer care or Auto Resend. Once you reach 1000 subscribers, the monthly fee is ten dollars, and the highest amount is fifty dollars once you get to 5,000 dollars.

How much does convertkit cost?

Convertkit pricing only offers a free 14-day trial, and once this period is over, you are required to pay an initial convertkit subscription fee of $29 monthly if you have less than 1000 subscribers. The monthly fee will automatically shoot up once your list of subscribers grows. For instance, someone with 20,000 subscribers must pay $179 for them to continue receiving the benefits.

How to use mailerlite

Mailerlite has a simple interface, and the dashboard menu displays all statistics such as a monthly view of your email campaigns, active subscribers, forms, your current plan as well as your automation stats. Each menu has a button that allows you to act. Additionally, their help menu has an FAQ section for all the menus that gives you a step by step guide on how to use this platform.

Mailerlite reviews indicate that it has a 4.5/5 rating on Capterra. This is because of its overall simplicity and variety of features.

If you are planning on sending automated emails to your subscribers, you can use mailerlite automation tutorials to get acquainted with the process. On your screen, click the automation tab, and you’ll see a button on the right for creating a new workflow. Here you have the option of sending a repeated workflow for every subscription or when a subscriber opts to cancel their subscription.

How to use convertkit

Once you have an account, you will see the automation menu on top. Once you click it, various options will pop up, such as product purchase, creating a form, or segment. Let’s say you clicked to create a new form. The software creates a new sequence that allows you to edit the uploading time, subscribers, and other conditions for your automation.

There are several convertkit alternatives excellent in emarketing services that you may want to try. These include Drip, MailChimp, and CampaignMonitor.

How to switch from convertkit to mailerlite?

If you are planning on migrating from convertkit to mailerlite, all you need to do is send the online request form, and the team will get back to you. Convertkit migration process may take upto a month depending on the type of automation you will have created in convertkit.

Mailerlite vs convertkit 2020

Mailerlite is not only affordable but is also straightforward; therefore, beginner-friendly. This service also offers a 24/7 customer care team. The only major drawback is the missing premium features such as spam testing, which can become frustrating to creators.

Convertkit, on the other hand, is more expensive, and you only get a response if the customer support team is online. However, convertkit’s automation is advanced. Also, the tool features a variety of convertkit email templates and customizable subscriber lists.

Finally, it all comes down to personal preference and what you feel is right for your business. The good news is that you can always migrate if you find a better platform!