How to engage with un-openers

One of the challenges for email marketers is working out how to reactivate all of those customers who don’t open your emails.

For many, it may be the case that over half of your database hasn’t opened any emails from you in the last 6 months. So how do you go about re-engaging with these non-openers? Here are some useful pointers…

Stop sending

One simple tactic is to stop sending for a while to these customers. Put a brake on the emails for 6 weeks, and then when one does pop into the inbox the novelty and fresh factor of receiving your emails increases the chance of them opening it.

Change the from name

Freshness can also be achieved by tweaking the from name. Ideally use a first name within the from name. After all people look to see who the email is from first, then what the email is about, and coming from someone new hints at the content being different to before.

Do something special

We could translate this into a big offer! For many, an exclusive offer will generate interest, for other brands where discounting isn’t appropriate, you will have to be more creative. But whatever it is you decide to do, it needs to look completely different to all other emails you send.


What do you know about the customer? Maybe you know where they booked a holiday with you last or what they recently purchased or browsed on your site. Using this information in the subject line cuts through the rest of the generic promo emails in their inbox and is the best way of getting that all important open.

Try outside of email

Facebook and Google both provide means for targeting ads by email address. So if they don’t respond by email maybe try finding them elsewhere? It’s not a cheap option, and it won’t provide a huge return but where you have a big ticket value sale the numbers make sense.

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