Klaviyo vs Mailchimp

Which is email marketing tool is best for your business: Klaviyo vs Mailchimp?

Change is inevitable. With the advancements in technology, there comes a rise in demand for email marketing automation tools.

These tools offer users a simple digitized platform to design workflows, create emails, and automate their conversations with clients. This article compares klaviyo vs mailchimp tools. Which of these popular nurturing tools works for you? Let us guide you in your decision making.

Pricing Plans

In the first comparison, we are going to talk about money. Mailchimp pricing has a higher starting price and offers four plans, namely Free, Standard, Essentials, and Premium. The costs for each program rise gradually as per the number of contacts you have. On the other hand, klaviyo pricing involves only one plan that depends on the number of contacts you have. However, the pricing increases unpredictably, thus making it complex to understand. However, Mailchimp’s pricing plan is better than klaviyo pricing plans.

Thus, it is crucial to consider the cost of each and pick appropriately according to your budget.

Signing up

On Mailchimp, signing up is deceptively simple. After filling in your username and password, you will still be required to fill all your personal information throughout several input boxes because it lacks the autofill feature. Signing up on klaviyo is straightforward since it puts all details on a page, making it easier for you to autofill. Klaviyo double opt in is done via email or SMS to confirm member subscription.

User Experience and Design

Unlike Mailchimp competitors, this tool is user friendly. Mailchimp has been in service for nineteen years, meaning it is a trusted tool. On the other hand, klaviyo is much more modernized thus complex in design.


What is Mailchimp used for?- This tool is a cloud-based email marketing solution that assists firms in designing, automating, and controlling marketing campaigns across several email platforms.

What is klaviyo? – It majorly serves in ecommerce stores owing to its seamless combination with platforms such as Magento, klaviyo Shopify, and wooCommerce,

Features and integration

Mailchimp email marketing platform is one of the most popular in the world. Therefore, Mailchimp has a large pool of integrations. On the downside, Mailchimp lacks essential integrations; for example, there is no Mailchimp for Shopify. When it comes to features, Mailchimp’s main focus is building emails.

Klaviyo places emphasis on data. It is equipped with tools that calculate customer lifetime value calculations and also customer gender. Klaviyo also incorporates the automation feature and has a long list of integration features, unlike Mailchimp.

Ease of use

Klaviyo is used for automating email drips. It is, therefore, recommendable if you are thinking of automating your email cadences. It is user friendly’ more so if you are beginning with email management softwares.

Mailchimp is pretty simple to use. Meaning you will not have to reach out every now and then for tech support. It not only makes it easy to create an email but also simplifies selecting a template mixed with the ability to track ROI.

Customer Services

Immediately you pay for Mailchimp; you get to enjoy access to chat and email support around the clock. For phone support, you will have to pay more because it is only available on the premium plan. On the flip side, Klaviyo does not offer telephone support services. Nonetheless, you can get access to chat and email support with ease.


Klaviyo’s automation system is more advanced, with different workflows for various scenarios. It also has an idea library where you can get the list of pre-built templates to customize according to your marketing needs.

Mailchimp, too, has numerous pre-made templates to automate workflows. It is, however, less extensive compared to that of Klaviyo. Mailchimp makes it simple to set up workflows based on your marketing goals.


Klaviyo tool boasts of stout email segmentation. It allows you several options to segment your list. You may also incorporate Klaviyo with the Facebook audience to get more customization options.

On the flip side, Mailchimp has lesser segmentation options. The segments entail essential lists such as new subscribers and recent purchases. To conclude, Klaviyo gives you access to all the tools you need to build a rapport with your customers, unlike Mailchimp.

Reporting and Analytics

These tools are useful because they reveal emails that are successful and unsuccessful ones. Klaviyo offers detailed metrics such as bounced emails and unsubscribed rates. It tells what your customers are doing in real-time. It shows predictive analytics that can help you track customers to estimate the number of future purchases.

Mailchimp provides simple analytics on the campaign page required for email performance and deep insights. Its reporting and analytics tools are simple to understand compared to Klaviyo, which seems complex.

Facebook Integrations

Facebook constitutes one of the best social media platforms that expose businesses to an engaged audience and advanced features to let them get new leads and customers. Companies use Facebook lead ads to reach potential customers. This feature enables you to collect details of Facebook users that are interested in buying what you are selling.

Both Klaviyo and MailChimp can integrate with Facebook lead ads through Leadsbridge. Therefore, it is essential to integrate your Facebook lead ads with nurturing tools for more straightforward business conduct.

Value for Money

Klaviyo software saves you hours. It also makes email marketing stronger. You can also see how email marketing is contributing to your revenue thanks to its analytics. Unlike klaviyo alternatives, its analysis capability is varied owing to its large number of marketing process automation tools.

Mailchimp costs are favorable to small businesses that want to minimize expenditures. It comes on top when comparing email marketing services. It is not useful for advanced marketers.

Which Tool is Best?

According to the above comparison, klaviyo is a serious, detailed analytical tool with top-notch integrations, incredible segmentation, and sound predictive analytics. Mailchimp, on the other hand, is more affordable and user friendly. It all boils down to your business goals. Mailchimp is ideal for small businesses, whereas Klaviyo is the elegant choice for high profile businesses.