pardot vs marketo

Which is email marketing tool is best for your business: pardot vs marketo

In the current age, you need to work smarter as you aim to achieve your goals.

A variety of e-mail marketing services can improve your sales by targeting clients from all over the globe. When it comes to the debate of Pardot vs Marketo, you must consider the features and benefits of each. This information can guide you as you make an informed choice of which tool between the two suits your business best. Read on to know which features stand out for each!

Overview: Pardot and Marketo

What is Pardot?

Pardot is B2B marketing automation that is used by companies of all sizes. Users can conduct marketing automation basics like lead management and e-mail marketing, automate online forms, website tracking, digital campaigns, and lead nurturing. Auto-sync to Salesforce CRM is one of how Pardot benefits your sales team.

What is Marketo used for? Companies of all sizes can also use Marketo in facilitating B2C and B2B sales. It covers marketing needs like landing pages, SEOs, customer base marketing, scorings, and analytics. New features include mobile engagement, website personalization, social and web retargeting. Video overviews are available for all features.

Geographical Coverage

Marketo has a major coverage in New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and thirty-three more countries. On the other hand, Pardot leads in more than 104 countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Customer Retention

Pardot drip campaigns are used to help you retain customers by giving you more Pardot tricks and tips. Templates for e-mail blasts and newsletters are limited, but you can create customized templates suiting your demands. You can create e-mail templates that may appeal to different clients. It sends e-mail blasts automatically with triggers like interactions and time settings. Pardot reporting is important as it allows users to monitor progress.

Marketo creates automated campaigns that are personalized for prospects. It is user friendly and highly scalable with an e-mail builder that uses a WYSIWYG editor. The visual interface makes it easier for your clients through the information collected from customer profiles. Marketo marketing automation reaches all clients through a personalized approach to e-mail marketing.

Marketing Campaigns

Pardot helps you to set up, deploy, and manage in/outbound marketing campaigns in one place. Pardot makes it much easier for you to review previous strategies that you have employed to improve sales. It has an editor that helps you to develop e-mail messages that may appeal to different prospects. You can organize tasks and create a virtual list to reach clients conveniently.

Marketo helps you to use digital marketing on a different scale to increase your sales. You can deliver streams of relevant content. Batch and real-time e-mails are triggered by certain behaviors, timing, or a series of defined steps. You can easily create professional e-mail templates. Marketo dashboard allows you to interact and keep an eye on your executed marketing campaigns.

Capture Leads

Pardot uses a landing page builder that allows marketers to create landing pages without a developer. Anonymous visitors are tracked down by Pardot to convert them into prospects. It also simplifies social profiling to make your e-mails and keywords more relevant. This automation platform changes content sent out based on individual differences.

Marketo allows you to attract and interact with relevant clients through landing pages, search marketing, web personalization, behavior tracking, and social media. It offers progressive profiling for consistent customer data. Multiple marketing activities and programs are also available to make. You might experience some difficulty in handling the built-in landing pages.


Pardot allows you to access a wide range of features through different payment plans. Pardot pricing includes Growth for $1,250 per month, Plus for $2,500 per month and Advanced for $4,000 per month. On the other hand, to learn more about Marketo Pricing, you need to make a call to get a price quote on the premium that serves you best. You might discover that Marketo costs slightly more compared to Pardot.

Over the past years, Pardot has been giving Marketo competition for quite a while. For this reason , more users have been migrating from Marketo to Pardot to reap from its perks. As you consider moving from marketo to Pardot marketing, you should consider your specific needs. With more client reviews on Pardot vs marketing clouds available, you can make an informed choice.