5 quick wins: Boost your email marketing now

We often talk about strategies that have a long term impact on your email marketing, yet these are not always something you can start straight away.

Perhaps you need data, perhaps you need time, or perhaps you need the budget. So here are 5 things you can do today to give your email marketing an immediate boost in performance.

From Name

Most brands simply use their brand name in the from line. Instead, try using ‘First name – brand name’ in an A/B test and you may see a 20-25% uplift in opens and clicks. Why? It just stands out a little bit more and adds a personal touch. It’s a quick and easy change which can significantly improve results, so it’s worth trying out.

Template Eyetracking

A tool we love is Feng-Gui. This replicates a eye-tracking study to show you where the eye is going on your template. It highlights things that you will miss, like getting no attention on call to actions or headlines. Run your emails through this for less than a £1 a time to open your eyes to a host of potential changes that can improve how your emails are performing.

What can you personalise?

Personalisation always works better than generic content. Yes many personalisation projects can get complicated but there are lots of things you can do straight away. This could be using the first name in the subject line, changing the hero image in your email based upon their gender or using something else you have stored against their email address in your ESP.

Re-send the email

It still amazes me how brands send an email and expect all responses to come from the first send. If you have an offer then send at least one reminder, even if you simply change the subject line or cut down on the content. Reminders can even generate more revenue, especially if they are close to the end of a promotion as the added urgency generates action right now from your subscribers.

Change your opt-in

We still see opt-in boxes that are far from optimised. Ideally you should have them pre-ticked so the customer doesn’t have to take any action with a clear message to prevent confusion for the customer. Additionally, be sure to to sell the benefits of receiving the emails, for example, how appealing is a call to action saying ‘Sign up for emails’, compared to, ‘Get Exclusive Offers & discounts direct to your inbox’. We have seen clients more than double opt-in rates from these simple changes.

So there you have it, a few quick tips to help boost your email marketing activity in the short term. For more information on how we may be able to help with your email marketing activities, get in touch today with one of our experts.