Speed up image download in your emails


When you test your email you notice that your image rich designs are loading very slowly. You also notice your website is loading slowly after a large email send.

This is more than likely because you are using your normal web-hosting for images used in your emails. Bear in mind that the majority of opens and clicks on marketing emails occur within the first hour. This concentrated blast of image requests to your server results in performance issues and provides a poor user experience.


Use an image library feature that allows you to host and manage your images in the cloud. Images will download quickly when a recipient opens an email. Hosting your images in the cloud you can expect a reduction in bandwidth consumption during large campaigns. This will ensure your website performance does not suffer.

Images can be automatically added to the image library when you upload your email creative. You can also add files on an ad hoc basis using a simple manual file upload interface.

Image library’s tagging feature allows you to assign key words and categories to your images. This means that you can search for, organise and filter images easily and visually.

With an Image Library you can be confident that your hosted images are delivered rapidly to recipients without affecting your website bandwidth.