Mental Block : 10 Content Ideas for your Newsletter

If you want your Newsletter to be popular you’re going to need to create a regular stream Newsletter content.


Yes sir-y, suck it up buttercup this is going be hard work!

Content brings traffic to my site, and then I monetize that content with ads. My Newletter hooks readers in and gets them back to the site. So I can start making bank!

But doing this week after week, is going to be a challenge. Many Newsletter writers start off enthusiastically and then hit a brick wall.

Run out of topics..? We got your back. Try this list of 10 content ideas to get your inspiration going.

Tip #1 Point to a meaningful Resource

Recap on a video or blog post from your website in your newsletter. Recycling your best performing posts is a great way to get added value out of your previous work.

Tip #2 Review a Product or Service

Give your opinion on a product or service you use and might be useful to your reader. If there is an affiliate program for that product, you can earn while your readers learn. 🙂

Writing reviews is a fantastic way to let brand owners know exactly what you think of them. You’ll often times increase your exposure to them too.

Tip #3 Interview an authority your field

Drop a couple of big fishes an email and ask them to talk about themselves; they love it! Take a handful of questions around your industry and get them to answer them. It doesn’t have to be face to face you can just email them. I like to go for a video recording for extra content and a bigger score. You can start small thou, just do it. The interviewee creates all the content. As a bonus it’s a good relationship building exercise for you.

Tip #4 Group ‘Thought shower’

Ask people for ideas. Ask for their opinion on what they would write if they were you. Ask people In Real Life, your mum, work mates, online peers, influencers. Failing that ask your readers, they love to get involved.

Tip #5 Group Chat

We’ve all got Zoom now right? Use it. Host a virtual party and slip in a handful of questions to a couple of people between margaritas.

Tip #6 Become a Curator

Compile a Top ten list of your favourite “whatevers” from other website, blog or Newsletters in your sector.

Tip #7 Curate Twitter (FFS please someone curate Twitter)!

Come up with the top 100 people to follow on Twitter in your industry. Highlight influencers in your field or accounts you discover that are sharing great content.

Tip #8 Ask Questions on Quora or Reddit

Get ideas from sub-reddits within your website niche. Just by looking you’ll get some ideas. See above for how to turn it into content.

Tip #9 Guest Writers

Invite a blogger in your field to write in your newsletter. They get access to your audience and you have great content for free. Contact smaller Newsletter editors that could use the exposure.

Tip #10 Include a Case Study

Cover a case study you have on file, explain how you created a successful project. Start with the how, why and what you did. These articles pretty much write themselves.

Bonus tip! Do something else

If you are really stuck I recommend thinking about something else. You’ll be amazed at the ideas I have in my sleep. Go for a walk, call friend or take a shower. All work wonders for your creative juices.

Best of luck!