15 tips for a successful birthday party email

Your birthday is for a lot of people have a very special day. Obviously, everyone desires a small (or large) donations, and personal happiness. In an e-Mail Marketing, the birth-day have been a welcome Trigger, and direct contact with customers and potential customers. There is a personal reason for the e-mail of: the birthday of the recipient. But what you can’t manage it, that is, the honoree noted, your birthday, e-mail, but it’s also happy – and they generate in the best-case scenario, the additional sales? The following are the best tips to get your Birthday messages in the track to success.

Birthday party invitations for kids need to excite, inform, and invite. Remember this important point: keep the invitations short and sweet. Kids don’t have a lot of patience, so you’ll want to focus on getting the main points across.

  1. Include the who, what, where, and when
  2. Add an element of surprise
  3. Have fun with colours and accents
  4. Keep it simple
    5.Make it all about fun
  5. Involve kids in the planning
  6. Plan ahead
  7. Consider the birthday party themes
  8. Keep it simple, not too much wording
  9. Use colour to control your subjects:
    Orange- Can be used to have a very strong accent in a design or to provide an accent of color, especially on black and white. Orange draws attention and causes guests to feel warm toward the event.            

Green- Green is a relaxing color…What is your party vibe?

  1. Quotes, jokes or riddles about the birthday kid
  2. Several invitation designs for each age group
  3. Remember, invitations should look as good as they feel
  4. Be creative and think like a child
  5. Don’t aim to overpriced, most kids won’t notice


Don’t over think it. It’s a kids party and they will never remember it anyway.