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Email Newsletter templates: The list of the best free to download email newsletter templates available in 2020.

Not only is this Library free it also includes responsive newsletter templates as a standard feature. Well it is 2020 after all!

There are 1,000s of newsletter templates out there. We wanted to narrow the hunt down for you. The best resources for email newsletter design. We’ve looked at easy of use for newbies or flexibility for pros.

Whatever you are looking for in your software for newsletters you’ll find it here.

What to think about when email newsletter designing

First up quality will always trump quantity. Don’t be scared to edit down your list of content ideas to the most important thing. Making sure you don’t waste the readers time is the best way to gain their respect for your newsletter. If it’s brief and doesn’t connect first time the subscriber is still more likely to give you the time of day next time. Respect your readers time and they will love you newsletter every week.

You want to have a consistent format from week to week. Some readers will scan your newsletter for the infographic of the week section or graphs and stats. Make sure they can find what they are looking for on a regular basis.

Check out our collection of email newsletter templates below.

For Newbies

So image you want your new email newsletter to be fully tested in all the major email clients. You need it to be responsive on every device or phone imaginable and you want it want it to ready to import into your ESP.

Well There are a few but my far our favorite for 2020 (so far) is stripo. If has a really easy to use intuitive interface. You can choose the perfect email newsletter template directly in the demo. We knocked out our first basic newsletter template in about 15 minutes. It was then ready for exporting and sending safe in the knowledge that it would actually work.

stripo email newsletter template
Stripo User Interface

For Pros

As a Professional email marketer you might be looking for something that gives you the choice to REALLY edit. The best starter library of HTML templates for email newsletters we found so far? Well it depends what you are looking for. In tests four out of five of you are real cheapskates and are looking for templates that are actually free. Like in real life free, not make you sign-up and then find they aren’t free! So annoying!

Anyway here’s the top twenty free email newsletter resources:

The Top 20 in a radio DJ style!

20: Mailchimp free templates

You gotta love the big boys. Good old Chimpmail, the monkey that just keeps on giving. On the way out at number 20

mailchimp email newsletter templates

19: Hubspot free template

Over at hubspot you get a choice of one free template: Perk, which isn’t really a choice now is it?

Hubspot email newsletter templates

18: Monster newsletter templates

The Monster does the monster rock. Old school and simple but really really free

emailmonster email newsletter templates

17: Campaign Monitor newsletter template

Australian’s do it on the beach – Campaign Monitor are Australian. What a cheap date, it’s free!

campaign monitor email newsletter templates

16: Github email templates

You get the picture if you do the Antwort. Looks great on desktops not just mobile!

example email newsletter templates from github

15: Litmus testing newsletter templates

If it’s not testing it’s not swinging , litmus at 15 – feel that summer vibe

summer email newsletter templates

14: Pixelhint PSD email template

free email newsletter templates PSD

13: Sendinblue newsletter templates

Out of the blue and in at this weeks number 12 it’s Send in Blue baby

sendinblue email newsletter templates

12: Litmus newsletter template too

Another entry for the boys and girls at Litmus. Pook me with a stick, it’s beauiful and free.

simple email newsletter templates

11: Pinterest newsletter template gallery

Kick me in the backside this project is a humdinger! Worse places to start that Pinterest.

email newsletter templates ideas

10: Pixhint template email for newsletter

Can you really have Passion and still be totally free – this fully responsive lot can.

email newsletter template

9: Penrose flat responsive email template

Nice work from Agent Penrose – keeping it clean

flat email newsletter template

8: Email on Acid template for Mailchimp

Is Alex on Acid? No he just works there! Summer email template specifically designed with mailchimp in mind for free

summer is here email newsletter templates

7: Sonata for hubspot email templates

More great work from hubspot – you say Sonya they say Sonata

Sonata email newsletter template

6: Litmus is on fire!

Vision from Litmus have another spot in the chart – smokin’!

Litmus email newsletter template

5: MJML one page newsletter template

Super singles – I just need a onepager

one pager email newsletter template

4: Codepen newsletter email template

A great tool for the Pros on lunch break – head over to the Pen for a quicky

HTML email newsletter template

3: Cakemail email template for news

Ever popular is ‘Popular’ on Cake

Cakemail email newsletter templates

2: Behance free email newsletter template

Some people will do anything to get in our chart – at number 2 it’s BeyoncĂ©, I mean Behance-y

Behance free email newsletter template

1: Canva free email template design

Our favorite place to start has to be over at Canva for inspiration.

Canva email newsletter template for free


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